05 diciembre 2020


 1. THE DOORS “Hello, I love you” (“Waiting for the sun”, 1968) vs. THE KINKS “All day and all of the night” (single “All day and all of the night”, 1964).

2. PINK FLOYD “Fat old sun” (“Atom heart mother”, 1970) vs. THE KINKS “Lazy old sun” (“Something else by The Kinks”, 1967).

3. THE STRANGLERS “Bring on the nubiles” (“No more heroes”, 1977)

4. TALKING HEADS “Mind” (“Fear of music”, 1979)

5. THE CLASH “London calling” (“London calling”, 1979) vs. THE KINKS “Dead end street” (single “Dead end street”, 1966).

6. THE VAPORS “Turning japanese” (“New clear days”, . 1980).

7. TOM WAITS “Tango till they’re sore” (“Rain dogs”, 1985) vs THE KINKS “Alcohol” (“Muswell hillbillies”, 1971).

8. BLUR “Country house” (“The great escape”, 1995).

9. JOSE IGNACIO LAPIDO “Música celestial” (“Música celestial”, 2002).

10. THE KOOKS “Shine on” (“Konk”, 2008).